Plans - To - Prosper

One of the most important things I have learned about life over the years is the beauty of a mess. How God can take everything you’ve been through and turn it into this beautiful life you could have never come up with on your own.

I started my blog originally in 2015 with the intention of sharing my new journey of finding happiness and myself. But plans, as they often do, did not take the path I had directed them. What was supposed to be a single healing life of adventure and organized chaos became a life filled with challenges I could have never expected. I met a wonderful person in the midst of the storm going on in my life and from there things took off.

My journey has changed but my destination has become much bigger. There are so many things in the works, so many new adventures and obstacles to overcome; it’s actually never a dull day around here. And for me, now, I feel the need to share it all.

So, with that, I hope you enjoy my blog! :-)