Finding the Way Back

Once upon a time I was a healthy, active fit chick who loved the weight room and could eat the Cheesecake Factory's Chicken Carbonara and a slice of cheesecake all in one sitting. (These two things are very counterproductive but somehow I managed to pull it off at the time) I ran into some pretty rough life hurdles and had to make some changes that added about 40 pounds to my once slim figure seemingly fast. Eventually I found myself adjusting to a new job, city, lifestyle and step kids and everything and anything around me took precedence over myself. 

Recently, upon turning 30, I have found a routine for life that seems to be going well and have switched my focused back to myself. If you and your mind are not healthy, well, not much else in life is going to be healthy either. I came off of my birth control pills I was using to maintain a hormone balance and started doing research on natural ways to maintain healthy hormones through my diet. So far it's been going well but outside of this there's one thing that nags me everyday - my weight. I'll admit it, I can pull off being a thick curvy girl but I used to run and hike and Spanx just ain't for me. I've been out of the fitness game for quite awhile and finding the motivation to get back in is exhausting. 

But something has come up that I could get pretty excited about - the beach! I haven't worn a bikini since 2015 and we have planned a trip out to the Cape in May - dangit ya'll - this girl is going to rock a bikini. I love the beach and more than that I love being comfortable on the beach. So, this is my starter motivation to kick me into gear. 

Here's the catch, I am not going on a diet. I'm not trying a diet or a work out plan or a supplement or a diet shake - I am totally against these things! I believe deep down inside we all know what is best for ourselves, we've just gotten lazy and so we turn to "quick" ways to make the fat melt off. The internet is a sea of information, if you want to know what's good for you then you won't have to look far. 

My goal is 2 pounds a week, which I believe is fair, and so I've committed the next 90 days to bringing sexy back. I have 10 pound dumbbells for the house, my fit bit is locked and loaded and my mind is ready. Bikini season here we come! I'll do a weekly update so you can follow my progress but for now the idea is to get back into running, do some spin classes, cut out the sugars and lift some weights - and walk my dog of course. :)

During the course I'll share any yummy meal finds I discover and workouts that just seem to, well, work. Wish me luck!